Modernizing foundational Healthcare IT infrastructure.

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Reimagine your approach to transformation through smarter architecture, modernized core systems, open standards, and data utilization. Cloudesign helps you design secure and scalable platform experiences that support your needs for artificial intelligence and data science.

Prioritize collaboration, agility, and resilience.

Technology Offerings for Healthcare Institutions

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Patient Experience
  • Health Parameters Tracking
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Tele-Consultation
  • Personalized Recommendation
For Service Providers
  • Appointments, Scheduling, and Marketing
  • Blockchain-Powered Supply Chain
  • Hospital Facility Modernization
  • AI for Proactive Care
Compliance and Security
  • Cloud Security and DevSecOps
  • Country-Specific PHI Compliance
  • Documentation Automation

Healthcare Software Solutions We’ve Deployed So Far

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RPA in Healthcare

Deployed software bots for patient registration and scheduling, insurance verification, and claims.

  • Improved patient experience
  • Reduced claim denial and rejection
  • Lesser processing time
Data Assortment and Analysis

Ingesting patient health data from IoMT devices, sorting and conditioning the data to present the reports via graphs.

  • Delivering real-time insights
  • Remote patient care
  • Secure transmission of data
Electronic Medical Records

With the all-time availability of data across concerned doctors and patients, data security and privacy becomes necessary.

  • Patients portals for EMR access
  • Interaction between doctors and patients
  • Maximized clinical productivity
Healthcare Facility Management

HIPAA compliant scalable solutions that drive fortunes for healthcare service providers.

  • Inventory management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Patient profiles

Engagement Models

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