Internet of Things

Accelerate your success with unmatched industrial, consumer and commercial solutions paired with strong IoT expertise to drive sustainable growth in a digital world.

Realize the benefits of the Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing unprecedented opportunities for business. The benefits driving IoT are increasingly numerous as more and more organizations and industries integrate new technologies into their IT infrastructures.

Optimize through digital transformation

More than 40 billion

Connected devices by 2024

Up to 75%

Maintenance cost

Up to 50%

Carbon footprint

Our Offering

We Offer a Wide Variety of IoT Services

IoT Strategy Consulting

We help you capitalize on IoT technology and solutions to facilitate the assessment of your organizational readiness, technology stack, domain-based value chain mapping, roadmap creation, business case preparation to deliver differentiated services in response to evolving market conditions

System Integration

We enable end–to–end solutions in your IoT Integration from certified IoT engineers and data scientists with deep expertise in domain, engineering, analytics, IT and state of art integrated architectures

Data Science and Analytics

We provide supply chain analytics, web analytics with end-to-end services across the entire analytics value chain of data management, reporting, descriptive analytics, predictive modeling, and optimization

IoT Platform

Build smart systems for data collection, processing and analysis, visualization, and device management to maximize the value of IoT for your business.

Managed services

Manage and maintain services across IoT stack through our solutions that provide predictive maintenance, asset monitoring, factory visibility and AI-based analytical intelligence

Cyber Security and Enterprise Risk

With a cyber risk paradigm that focuses on becoming secure, vigilant, and resilient we help you to protect devices and deliver end-to-end IoT security with flexibility for your specific risk profile.

Business Intelligence

We enable enterprises accelerate with adoption of Enterprise Data Management, Advanced Analytics, IoT (Internet of Things), Data Visualization and Managed Analytics Services to help you cater effectively to all business exigencies

Cloud solution

Our service portfolio includes IoT cloud solutions, cloud app development, cloud infrastructure optimization, cloud integration, cloud consulting, migration to cloud, cloud deployment service to help transform your business

Digital Twin

Digitally replicate the physical world and enable operator training and advanced testing of equipment and processes through dynamic simulation

Industry Solutions

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Perform fleet management, performance monitoring, inventory tracking, cargo integrity monitoring, to improve efficiency in packaging, warehousing and logistics

Smart Buildings & Cities

Build a more resilient ecosystem that spans across billions of sensors and devices, and bring a new level of intelligence and automation to entire homes, buildings, or cities

Real-time Asset Tracking

Tag your assets, perform analytics and machine learning on the data collected, and display the status of your business to deliver actionable insights.

Predictive Maintenance

With applied intelligence automatically predict when equipment needs maintenance, optimize equipment performance in real time, detect anomalies; and track device status, state, and location

Smart Factories

Develop smart, connected products and services and transform your manufacturing operations with the most comprehensive and advanced set of IoT solutions available today, while ensuring the highest level of security.

Smart Utilities

Drive transformation in the energy industries with innovative technologies to power a sustainable future from the digital oilfield to distributed and renewable energy resources

Our Products

Industrial IoT

Transform your business with smart, connected technologies

Our solution brings machines, cloud computing, analytics together to improve the performance and productivity of industrial processes. You can continuously monitor & infer equipment status and with most advanced machine learning capabilities of predictive maintenance, identify potential failures well before they impact production. With us industrial companies can digitize processes, transform business models, and improve performance and productivity, while decreasing waste.


  • Asset Tracking
    Tag your assets and get real time visibility of their location to avoid expensive equipment loss
  • Smart Alerts
    Get instant updates about real time information via pop-ups to make informed decisions
  • Remote asset configuration
    Built-in support to remotely configure, upgrade and diagnose your assets
  • Risk Management and Security
    Improve your security and protect your business with instant alerts and by remotely tracking your assets
  • Mobile App
    Enable operators to stay updated with real time monitoring and alerts
  • Asset Condition Monitoring
    Capture key parameter of your machines and equipment to monitor their performance and avert critical downtime
  • Predictive Maintenance
    Identify potential breakdowns before they impact production, leading to increase in equipment lifespan, worker safety and reduced maintenance costs
  • Predictive Analytics
    With applied intelligence extract insights such as environmental conditions, manufacturing equipment to optimize the quality and build better products.
  • Bot Service
    A purpose-built bot development environment with templates to guide operators for setup and issue mitigation

Unlock greater efficiency to your value chain with Internet of Things and location intelligence services.

Cloudtrack is smart logistics platform that tracks connected vehicles to optimize delivery routes in real time. Real-time and historic traffic intelligence data, empowers you to manage transportation infrastructure, access road conditions and ease congestion. By leveraging IoT, not only can you monitor the temperature of the goods that are in transit but also perform predictive maintenance. With us, find smarter ways to get to people and products where they need to be.


  • Proof of Delivery
    Ensure accuracy for every order and every delivery with signature capture and delivery confirmation in real – time
  • Fuel Card Integration
    Improves the management of fuel consumption with data assisting in decreasing costs and environmental emissions
  • IoT Billing
    Range of payment ways that are designed to easily manage your expenses along with quick invoice processing
  • Storage Condition Control
    Interface allows you to monitor the temperature of your product during transit
  • Route Optimization for Drivers
    Assigns shortest and fastest routes based on vehicle type, cargo type and destination
  • Real-time Fleet Management
    Monitor the entire fleet, its performance using real-time location data, quickly analyze root causes and respond to delays or issues as they happen
  • Advanced Analytics Report
    Monitor metrics like fleet running time, fleet downtime, speeding statistics, non fulfilment orders to make right decisions. The reports are set for automatic dispatch, to have maximum efficiency.
  • Geofencing
    Create the geographical boundaries and every time a vehicle enters or exits in and out of Geofence, an alert is sent out.
  • Driver Application System
    The driver app has an intuitive interface which improves the driver’s experience, enables driver to upload bill at every checkpoint and maintain two-way communication with vendor
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