“A logistic software to connect the dots in the logistic supply chain”

Who is CloudTrack ?

CloudTrack is a product built by Cloudesign’s team to track and manage logistic operation for road transportation. It was an end to end solution for logistic supply chain problem . This is the first product built and owned by Cloudesign.

CloudTrack - Logistics Management Software for Road Transportation

CloudTrack is the first logistic software that was built by Cloudesign at an early start-up stage. So you can say CloudTrack is very dear to Cloudesig being the first logistic software built by a small enthusiastic team of developers. This software was built when a client was looking for a permanent solution to handle his logistic operation which was facing many issues during the road transportation of cold fleets. The idea behind this logistic software is to manage the whole operation through web application/mobile to forecast the risk, plan resources, fleets, and money that is required to carry all operations.

Demands Put Forward By the Client:
The Client wished to create a wholesome software solution that would help his company to carry out the logistic road transportation hassle-free. Where they could keep a track of drivers and the route they take and plan. Their only motive is to build a platform where they can access every little checkpoint of fleets, temperature monitoring, invoicing, user administration, to get ETA. They want cloudtrack to answer all their tiresome tracking-

· Organizing, Planning and prioritizing before starting of the trip

· They want to track the fleet’s route and their pitstop.

· They wanted a solution which could help them manage their profit margin and all billing details of vendors and drivers

· Many times the drivers used to relax, take the long route and ask more money for fuel. They had a hard time managing drivers because of many loopholes in the operation and a lot of money was going waste in managing all the tasks.

· The company was maintaining data separately for different stakeholders. So they were looking for a solution where on a single platform they could track all departments.

Our Approach

We follow integrated 3 way approach
Customer Centric: To get real time view of your business. What customer is facing while using client’s solution.

Vendors/Partners: Client has many partners and vendors who are involved with them at different level. They needed the trip reports of the fleet and other receipts.

Internal upgradation of systems and process (Administrator) : To know about their current system and process and how to improve it.

Development Model for the Logistic Solutions

At Cloudesign, the requirements are first understood by the sales team and BA initially. Sales team and BA did the ground work by asking the clients, their drivers, vendors the issues they were facing. This interaction helped us understand their core problem. After that our internal team had a brainstorming session where we discussed how to solve their problem and designed a roadmap. They were then provided to the design team. And once all the layouts have been created. It’s the task of the developers to implement it.

When the entire project is divided into modules, it allows various developers to work on the project at the same time and reducing the burden of doing the task on a single developer. In turn, it reduces the time required to complete the project and we’re able to hand over the product on time!

Features of the CloudTrack

The software was developed by us. We have incorporated several features in the Software to make it one-step solutions logistic operation.

Fleet management

Fleet management to navigate, fuel efficiency delivery routes. The end-to-end live tracking dashboard brought much-needed transparency to their operation.


Invoicing: Automated invoicing and payment management of your vehicle trips based on total distance traveled, time spent and additional expenses incurred.


Fuel Sensor

Fuel Sensor: Intelligent route planning engine to improve delivery efficiency & reduce costs. Allocation based on constraints like traffic, volume, vehicle type, stop durations. And the drivers used to get fuel cards, to avoid cash transactions.

User Administration

User Administration: This portal empowers customers, vendors, supervisors, drivers, finance to control the parameters governed by them making the process flexible & well coordinated.

Temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring: It helps in to control the temperature inside the fleet with the help of sensors and this can be monitored while the fleet is moving.

Offline Trip management

Offline Trip management: When there is no GPS and still fleet can be monitored and the excel sheet can be prepared.

Electronic proof of delivery

Electronic proof of delivery: uploading proof of delivery and e-signature. This makes the process of transaction transparent and reliable.

Driver App

Driver App: The app helps drivers to upload receipts and payments at every checkpoint.

Seamless Enterprise Software Integration

Seamless Enterprise Software Integration: CloudTrack can be seamlessly integrated with your enterprise software such as SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, or any in-house ERP, ORM or CRM using open APIs.

Heat Map Analysis of customer locations

Heat Map Analysis of customer locations, drop points, delivery vehicle density and live traffic.

CCTV Integration

CCTV Integration: Logistic planning with CCTV inside the vehicles, smart geo-fencing around the origin, destination and in-transit hubs enabling extreme precision in hub-in/hubout reports.

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Who are our Clients
Our Clients who implemented our solutions are Kelvin Cold Chain and Stellar Value Chain

We come across various interesting project ideas often. Projects like CloudTrack help us achieve our financial goals in addition to being the fuel needed to channelize our energy into doing what we do the best- creating solutions to your problems.