Logistics Management Software for Road Transportation

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A logistic software to connect the dots in the logistic supply chain


CloudTrack is smart logistics platform built by Cloudesign’s team to track and manage logistic operation for road transportation. It is an end to end solution for logistic supply chain problem.

CloudTrack is the first logistic software that was built by Cloudesign at an early start-up stage. So, you can say CloudTrack is very dear to Cloudesign, built by a small enthusiastic team of developers. This software was built when a client was looking for a permanent solution to handle their logistic operations which was facing many issues during the road transportation of cold fleets. The idea behind this logistic software is to manage the whole operation through web application/mobile to forecast the risk, plan resources, fleets, and money that is required to carry all operations.


The client wanted to have a wholesome software solution that would help their company to carry out the logistic road transportation hassle-free. A platform, where they could keep a track of drivers and the route they take, access every little checkpoint of fleets, temperature monitoring, invoicing, user administration, to get ETA. With Cloudesign, the client was looking to enhance quality of service, increase safety and reduce cost by:

  • Organizing, planning and prioritizing the fleet before starting of the trip.
  • Track the fleet’s route and their pitstop.
  • A billing solution which could help them manage their profit margin and all details of vendors and drivers.
  • A solution to track driver, as many times the drivers used to relax, take the long route and ask more money for fuel. They had a hard time managing drivers because of many loopholes in the operation and a lot of money was going waste in managing all the tasks.
  • The company was maintaining data separately for different stakeholders. So they were looking for a solution where on a single platform they could track all departments.


We follow integrated 3 way approach

  • Customer Centric
    Get valuable insights about your customers experience through ratings and feedback tracking.
  • Vendors/Partners
    Client has many partners and vendors who are involved with them at different level. With our solution they could generate the trip reports of the fleet and other receipts.
  • Internal upgradation of systems and process (Administrator)
    To know about their current system and process and how to improve it.

The completed product tracks the connected vehicles to optimize delivery routes in real time. Real-time and historic traffic intelligence data, allows you to manage transportation infrastructure, access road conditions and ease congestion. Our team leveraged IoT, big data to monitor the temperature of the goods that are in transit, manage daily operations, quickly analyze root causes and to perform predictive maintenance.

Features of the CloudTrack

Fleet management

Real time fleet management
Monitor the entire fleet, its performance using real-time location data, quickly analyze root causes and respond to delays or issues as they happen.

Create the geographical boundaries and every time a vehicle enters or exits in and out of Geofence, an alert is sent out.

Route Optimization for drivers
Assigns shortest and fastest routes based on vehicle type, cargo type and destination.

Fuel Sensor

Fuel card integration
Improves the management of fuel consumption with data assisting in decreasing costs and environmental emissions.

IoT Billing
Range of payment ways that are designed to easily manage your expenses along with quick invoice processing.

Advanced Analytics report
Monitor metrics like fleet running time, fleet downtime, speeding statistics, non fulfilment orders to make right decisions. The reports are set for automatic dispatch, to have maximum efficiency.

Driver App

Driver application system
The driver app has an intuitive interface which improves the driver’s experience, enables driver to upload bill at every check point and maintain two-way communication with vendor.

Proof of Delivery
Ensure accuracy for every order and every delivery with signature capture and delivery confirmation in real – time.

Offline Trip management

Offline Trip Management
CloudTrack helps you in navigation even in the absence of internet connection to ensure timely delivery of goods.


Our CloudTrack solution is successfully implemented by Kelvin Cold Chain and Stellar Value Chain. Our client observed enhancement in quality of service, increased safety and reduced costs.


Temperature Compliance
Savings in fuel costs
Reduced delay related costs
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