CloudTrack was introduce for end-to-end fleet tracking integrated on single platform to ensure delivery and regulatory compliance. Geo-fencing features helps in automated trip creation and reports.End client reporting and automated notifications for other events that could affect the supply chain.

logistic IT solutions

Logistic Services

This solutions helps in managing the flow of funds through supply chain, and at the same time, have to focus on reducing their capital expenditure and optimizing their activities associated with the financial supply chain management. Logistic service helps in better Streamline workflow and speed up operations by eliminating manual processes that slow down progress.

warehouse mangement
Warehouse Management
fleet management
Fleet Management
local and global location tagging
Local and Global Trade Solutions

Iot Integration

The logistics & transportation industry has been a key force behind the IoT upswing. WithIoT enablement, logistics providers can achieve high levels of operational efficiency in regard to fleet management, cargo integrity monitoring, and automated warehousing operations.

location tracker
GPS sensor
GPS sensor
Cargo monitoring
Cargo Monitoring
performance matrix
Performance Report
logistic IOT solution
Enterprise solution

Enterprise solution

Enterprise solutions are designed to integrate multiple facets of a company’s business through the interchange of information from various business process areas and related databases. This includes the whole package system from trip management, vendor management and point of sale management.

trip tracker
Offline Trip Management
Customer Vendor Management
Customer & Vendor Management
data security
Data Security
Sales point of contact
Point of Sale Management