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Since the inception of Cloudesign, we have worked with more than 75+ Startups across the globe. A few startups have made it big and we still work with them. We would like to leverage the experience of working with startups in the next big idea that you believe in!


Startup Client Base:

Our Product Engineering Capabilities

  Design & Architecture
  Development & Testing
  Product Re-Engineering

Product conceptualization is the key to transform product vision into reality. We provide end-to-end consulting services on Software Product Conceptualization / Ideation, Design & Prototyping which includes,

  • Market Research
  • Trend Analysis
  • End-User Surveys
  • Assess Existing Products
  • Gap Analysis
  • Non-Functional Prototype (Wireframes, Designs, etc.)
  • Technical Architecture Design
  • Database Architecture Design
  • Deployment Architecture Design
  • Proof of Concept (if required)

Based on the product concept, design & prototype, we take it to the next phase - that is product development & testing. Backed by our vast experience & expertise in diverse platforms & technologies, we provide application development services that meet our customer's requirements in terms of quality, cost and timeliness. We provide following development & testing services,

  • Product Development
  • Localization / Globalization
  • Release Management & Deployment
  • Test Strategy
  • Test Automation
  • Product Testing - Functional (Unit, Integration, System, User Acceptance, Regression, User Interface & Usability - Testing)
  • Product Testing - Non-Functional (Installation, Security, Load & Performance, Localization / Globalization, Cross-browser, Cross-platform - Testing)

Once the product development is finished, product goes LIVE, we are there to ensure it continues to serve your company at peak performance levels all time. Our team is available round the clock to solve any issues that may crop up OR answer any questions you or your team might have along the way. We provide following sustenance & support services,

  • Product Bug Fixing & Support
  • Sustenance Engineering (Hotfix, Updates, Service Packs, etc.)
  • Enhancements & Performance Tuning
  • Migration & Porting
  • Certifications
  • End of Life Services

Products become obsolete with time. With the rapidly evolving technologies and business needs, it is high-time that businesses should start re-engineering of existing applications with new and improved tools and technologies for better business outcomes. We provide following re-engineering services,

  • Migration (From lower version to higher)
  • Porting (From one technology stack to other)
  • Re-Architecting
  • UX / UI Re-Engineering
  • SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud) Enablement
  • Product Integration

A product is only as good as its user(s). And to ensure that users get the most out of the product or service, we provide quality training and documentation, materials and collaterals created by our team of technical writers, who are engaged early during the overall product lifecycle. This helps our customers to share their training documents with their customers, channel partners, etc. We provide following training & documentation services,

  • Architecture and Design Documents
  • Deployment Manuals
  • User Training Manuals
  • Administration Manuals

Core Competencies

Our Startup experience we helps founders around the world to systematically test and launch scalable digital and data products at bootstrap friendly pricing.



Go from designs to a launch ready product with our well-defined development strategy


Architecture & Design

Directly use components from our reusable feature library and launch faster


Rapid Prototyping

Build your MVP built at nominal cost


Program Management & Development

We work in sprints & communicate daily using tools you like Jira & Slack


Hire Our

Save 60% on staff costs, whilst driving innovation & growth using our Managed IT Services


Product / Application Development/Website Development

We've mastered the emerging technologies to deliver projects that have raked in investments.


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UI/UX Design
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Product Development
Setting & Maintenance
Updates & Maintenance
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Cloud Deployment

We are not an average IT Services Company

Based in Mumbai, Our tech agency of 65+ provides dedicated designers, software consultants & researchers to companies all over the world. Our agency works with startups and large enterprises, in a variety of sectors, from San Francisco to Berlin and UAE. We have successfully delivered more than 75+ Startup projects since 2014. A few startups have made it big and we still work with them.

While our designer builds prototypes and great user interfaces, our researcher brings you new customer insights and feedback every week and our tech guys build products. This setup lets us design better digital products, faster than anyone else.


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