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  • Expert Interaction Nagesh Bhat | Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft India

Saturday 30th May 2020 @ 3pm to 4pm IST

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Abhijeet Singh

Head of Engineering, Cloudesign

Innovate with No Limits - The Power of Low Code Platform

Digital transformation is becoming top of mind for businesses. Whether you're responsible for software or are a business leader whose team uses software, you know this: you need customized software and traditional software development can't keep up with your demands. Conventional development methods take too long and require a special set of skills that are in short supply.

That’s where Low-code Microsoft Power Platform comes in!

Microsoft Power Platform is emerging as a key strategy to accelerate app delivery to support digital business transformation. And they have the potential to make software development as much as 10-times faster than traditional methods.

Join us to build on a platform without limits

In this webinar, we will guide you through:

  • What Microsoft Power Platform is and the best use for the platform
  • Know how the Microsoft Power Platform can be used to digitally transform and automate manual processes
  • Microsoft Power Platform integration capabilities
  • Demo of business application use cases
  • How our clients are improving productivity with Microsoft Power Platform
  • Q&A interaction with Nagesh Bhat, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Have a look at Microsoft Power Platform to gain deeper insights

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30th May 2020, 3pm to 4pm IST

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  • Abhijeet Singh

    Head of Engineering, Cloudesign

Abhijeet leads Engineering, IT, and Security at Cloudesign, where he is responsible for defining and delivering engineering solutions and services for various clients. Before joining Cloudesign, Abhijeet was a part of the senior engineering team at Ericsson and Huawei in Bangalore. He's an Alumni of NIT-Sikkim.


  • Nagesh Bhat

    Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Nagesh has experience of 8+ years at Microsoft. Prior to joining Microsoft, Nagesh worked as Senior Software Engineer with CDC Software and Module Lead at MindTree Ltd. His industry knowledge varies across computer networking, cloud computing, network administration. He has experience in Implementing Power Platform solutions across industries.