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Azure Development Servicesfor AI-Powered Cloud Solutions

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Exploit the full range of capabilities the Azure ecosystem offers.

We’re an Azure Development Company based in Mumbai and Bangalore that specializes in cloud solutions and complementary technologies like machine learning, business intelligence, containerization, big data, and more.

Work with us for custom-tailored Azure cloud solutions that utilize the latest in technology to derive intelligent business insights and drive business growth through scalability and resilience.

Disruptive Transformation, Diverse Industries

AT&T Foods

Comprehensive logistics management with our state-of-the-art logistics solution - Cloudtrack


Azure Development Services We Offer


Azure Software Development

Build software solutions that integrate with Azure to enable massive data storage, 24*7 availability, and intelligent business solutions. Cut costs by avoiding the overhead of hardware acquisition and focus your resources on crucial business goals to get ahead of the competition. Our expert Azure developers carry crucial hands-on experience in every aspect of the Azure platform and deliver integrated Azure solutions that outdo on-premises software deployments in terms of scalability, security, and performance..

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Make the Most of Microsoft Azure Development with Us

Best-in-Class Azure Practices

Depend on seasoned Azure professionals for exemplary Azure software development. From picking the right cloud architecture for your needs to adopting best-in-class design patterns like circuit breakers, event sourcing, gateway aggregation, throttling, and more, our engineers exploit their extensive experience developing cloud solutions to design a system perfect for your needs in line with the most efficient design practices.


Our Azure Projects Showcase

1. Azure Requirements Gathering

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Understand business needs

Audit existing infrastructure

Assess technical feasibility

2. Azure Solutions Design

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Formulate a cloud adoption strategy

Design Azure system architecture

Cost-benefit analysis

Obtain stakeholder buy-in

3. Azure Solution Development

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Rapid DevOps development

PreprocIntegration with Azure cloud platformessing

Legacy systems integration

Acceptance testing

4. Deployment and Maintenance

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Going live

Feedback collection

Monitoring performance

Planned upgrades

Our All-round Azure Toolkit

What our Customers Say

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As a growing company, finding top-notch" engineering talent at affordable rates is one of the biggest challenges. Cloudesign, a strategic partner to us, has provided us Angular, ReactJs, Laravel & UI Developers at short notice for a wide range of projects at Cactus Communications. They are quick to provide candidates, always very quick in communications, and overall keeping the process low friction.Cloudesign Engineers took control of our projects in a way that exceeded my expectations. we have been happy with the quality of the software engineers as well as thier management team.

Praveen Sharma

VP, Engineering, Cactus Communications

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