RPA Services to Reap the True Potential of Automation

Deploy bots to automate mundane, repetitive, and high volume jobs for faster ROI and enhanced employee productivity

We are a robotic process development company developing ground-breaking software bots that automate boring, tedious, repetitive jobs and thus free up valuable business resources to invest their skills and energy on more pressing concerns. We further drive faster ROI through bots that perform these tasks extremely fast and with little to no errors. Our rpa services are built with leading technologies revolutionizing the process automation industry.

rpa services

Robotic Process Automation Services We Offer

RPA Design and Development

We provide end-to-end enterprise RPA Services deployed with little to no disruption to your existing processes. We offer attended, unattended, and hybrid solutions depending on your business requirements. A diverse RPA toolkit and solid project experience make us the right choice for every RPA use case imaginable.

RPA Advisory

Learn what your organization can gain from an RPA digital transformation with our advisory services, which include an in-depth analysis of your business, processes, tools, and technologies. Our experts chart the ideal RPA roadmap that ensures your transition to RPA is smooth and secure. From legacy tools to the latest in your tech stack, we analyze every nook and corner of your business for RPA readiness.

RPA Support Services

Avail easy, need-based RPA professional support services to remove the obstacles blocking your RPA transformation progress. With diverse experience in a variety of RPA tools, projects, industry use cases, and more, our team is the best support partner you can acquire today.

Ready for an RPA Revolution with Us?

Leading Solutions for Industry Leaders like You

With a toolset that includes UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Power Automate, and more Cloudesign offers you only the best in Robotic Process Automation. Gartner recognizes many of these businesses as industry leaders when it comes to RPA.

Synergizing Skill Sets for Sturdy Solutions

Our expertise in complementary technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence allows us to build comprehensive solutions to your problems. We can create RPA bots equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning to serve your business needs better.

Progress You can Measure

Our clients have witnessed an increase in operational efficiency as high as 70 percent and a return of investment as early as 6-7 months. With the right metrics in place, we help you measure every bit of progress you achieve through RPA.

Scalable, Economical Solutions

With a 65% lower implementation cost than the market average, our process automation services enable you to do more with less. We achieve this through time-tested inhouse processes and standards that set our brand apart.

Robotic Process Automation Process

Our RPA Building Blocks

Power Automate

Learn How RPA is Disrupting Your Industry

Banking And Finance
Logistics and transportaition
Manufacturing and Consumer
ECommerce and Retail
Engineering Services
Engineering Services

RPA has Radically Changed these Businesses

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SWIFT Fintech Solutions

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What our Customers Say

As a growing company, finding top-notch" engineering talent at affordable rates is one of the biggest challenges. Cloudesign, a strategic partner to us, has provided us Angular, ReactJs, Laravel & UI Developers at short notice for a wide range of projects at Cactus Communications. They are quick to provide candidates, always very quick in communications, and overall keeping the process low friction.Cloudesign Engineers took control of our projects in a way that exceeded my expectations. we have been happy with the quality of the software engineers as well as thier management team.”

Praveen Sharma

VP, Engineering, Cactus Communications
"Cloudesign’s developers has supported us in our in-house-web-development, providing us with critical time sensitive work. The production work is always on time and within budget, which has been a valuable asset to our technology startup during a growth phase. The Cloudesign team members have outstanding communication and are a pleasure to work with. Thank you for all you have done to contribute to our company’s success.”

Shannon Kenny

Founder & CEO, Prontopia
"We reached out to Cloudesign for a specific software development requirement that was to be delivered within a fixed business critical timeline. Cloudesign surpassed our expectations in all areas right from getting started to onboarding the team, meeting weekly milestones, building quality software, to on-time delivery. I look forward to a repeat engagement"

Yougansh Sharma

Head of Product, D'hybrid Studios Pvt Ltd
"Cloudesign is an important strategic partner to Edelweiss Securities & Wealth Management Group and with the suite of IT services provided in the last 4 years, now also one of the preferred technology partners to Edelweiss."

Harsh Jha

AVP, Business Solution Group & Technology, Edelweiss Group
"Cloudesign has been one of our earliest technology partners and was able to deliver a clean code for our project within a tight timeline. Team's active involvement and holistic approach to development has helped create a nuanced product from scratch. The team's expertise in hybrid and cloud technologies has enabled a quick go to market for us. Their ownership in the delivery is appreciated and stands out in this collaboration."

Sukanya Panda


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