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Complete Cloud Migration Servicesfor Comprehensive Enterprise Digital Transformations

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Enterprises are seeking cloud migration services now more than ever

Our cloud computing company, based in Mumbai and Bangalore, offers comprehensive solutions that enable enterprises, big and small, to embrace the digital transformation phenomenon.

No matter where you are in your growth journey, migrating to the cloud can help you cut costs, reach existing customers rapidly, and scale up operations to acquire new customers. Engage our migration services today to build the perfect cloud computing ecosystem for your business.

Disruptive Transformation, Diverse Industries

AT&T Foods

Comprehensive logistics management with our state-of-the-art logistics solution - Cloudtrack


Cloud Migration Services we offer


Enterprise Cloud Migration Services

Work with seasoned cloud solution architects to draft an enterprise-level cloud migration strategy. Assess your existing infrastructure, foresee future business requirements, and adopt a migration strategy that causes zero interruptions to your business. From transforming your legacy applications to be cloud compatible to designing platform-agnostic solutions that scale seamlessly in the future, the comprehensive cloud computing solutions offered by our engineers cover every enterprise cloud migration concern.

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Comprehensive Cloud Management is Only Possible with Future-Ready Cloud Partners

Every Innovation Under a Single Roof

Migrating to the cloud opens up multiple avenues for business growth. Building data warehouses, enabling seamless collaboration, sharing business insights, and deploying customized machine learning models are some critical use cases. Although each requires varied technical skills, we house experts across artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, cloud solutions, and other complementary technologies to bring every innovation our clients deserve under a single roof.


Our Cloud Migration Process

1. Assess Migration Requirements

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Understand business needs

Carry out infrastructure audits

Assess technical feasibility

2. Formulate Migration Strategy

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Formulate the right cloud adoption strategy

Design cloud systems architecture

Ensure business continuity

3. Developing Cloud Solutions

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Rapid DevOps development

Integration with Cloud platforms

Comprehensive test execution - functional testing, integration testing,

4. Deployment and Maintenance

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Going live

Training personnel

Planned upgrades

Performance tuning

Our Complete Cloud Solutions Toolkit

What our Customers Say

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As a growing company, finding top-notch" engineering talent at affordable rates is one of the biggest challenges. Cloudesign, a strategic partner to us, has provided us Angular, ReactJs, Laravel & UI Developers at short notice for a wide range of projects at Cactus Communications. They are quick to provide candidates, always very quick in communications, and overall keeping the process low friction.Cloudesign Engineers took control of our projects in a way that exceeded my expectations. we have been happy with the quality of the software engineers as well as thier management team.

Praveen Sharma

VP, Engineering, Cactus Communications

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