Cloud & DevOps Services

Realizing Faster Software Delivery

Achieve continuous integration and delivery by automating the end-to-end delivery pipeline across cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google. DevOps developers at Cloudesign can help your organization produce top-notch software products and services while keeping the delivery time at lowest.

Cloud and DevOps Consultancy Services We Offer

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Cloud Advisory Services

From assessment of the existing infrastructure to analysing operating models and business objectives, Cloudesign works closely with its customers to deliver accurate cloud migration strategies. This includes (but not limited to) overall improvement in effectiveness, IT security, governance, and management.

Cloud Migration Services

Our team of cloud developers work closely with your IT department (or if you don’t have one, we can take care of the migration on our own) to perform complete Migration Readiness Assessments of infrastructures coupled with a migration approach and management of workloads post-migration to the cloud.

DevOps Transformation

Our DevOps service provides you with a framework involving a four-step approach to automation and optimization, which include implementation, measurement, learning, and improvement of the overall infrastructure and operations.

DevOps to DevSecOps

Considering that the security is often missed out in the general DevOps process, it is the need of the hour for enterprises to secure their mission-critical applications to avoid vulnerabilities. We help the transition from DevOps to DevSecOps by assessing current security measures and merging security into DevOps

Data Analytics and Insights (DAI)

The DAI offerings include data consulting, data modernisation, data engineering, advanced data analytics, and managed analytics. We leverage advanced analytical techniques and cutting-edge technologies for delivering valuable and actionable insights to our customers.

Cloud Managed Services

Completely managed, scalable, and agile cloud solutions that help our customers revolutionize the way they manage their business. Our managed service offerings include infrastructure, database, service, and application management through defined service-level agreements.

Enhance development efficiency, reduce time to market, and boost productivity with the full spectrum of DevSecOps services from Cloudesign.

Cloudesign’s Approach to DevOps Implementation

    1. Initiating DevOps
  • Analysis of current ecosystem
  • Setting up KPIs for the engagement
  • Cloudesign’s DevOps experts’ engagement with the customers’ program manager
    2. DevOps Strategy Development
  • Communicating motives for the changes
  • Providing IT infrastructure for automation
    3. Containerizing
  • Solve gaps in software cycle using tools like Docker
  • Allocate individual containers for each aspect
    4. Automation Integration
  • Using DevOps CI/CD tools such as Kubernetes, Ansible, Chef
  • Ensuring continuous integration and delivery
    5. Test Automation
  • Implement mix of automation and manual testing
  • Aligning QA with development tasks
    6. End-to-End Performance Monitoring
  • Using DevOps CI/CD tools such as Kubernetes, Ansible, Chef
  • Ensuring continuous integration and delivery

DevOps Development Tools We’re Dextrous In

Container & Application

Why Choose Cloudesign for DevOps Consultancy?

2x Faster Release

Achieve two-times faster release to your customers.

Cost Reduction

Bring your overall server cost down.

Improved Scalability

Be able to scale your services dynamically with no service outage.

Reduce Real-time Load

Save more than 80% in real-time load.

Looking for DevOps developers for Your Team?

If you’re seeking for DevOps engineers to augment your IT infrastructure, your hunt ends here. We at Cloudesign, offer multiple engagement models from end-to-end DevOps engineering to IT Staff Augmentation. Our DevOps engineers are dextrous with most of the popular tools.

Want to Outsource Your DevOps Development Work?