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Business Challenge

Avertle is LTTS’ ingenious solution that solves the problem of industrial
maintenance. LTTS estimates unplanned production downtime to be the
biggest driver of lost revenue for industrial businesses. Avertle seeks to
replace the traditional reactive and scheduled-based maintenance
solutions for industries with a more proactive and predictive solution
empowered by cutting-edge technology.

The previous version of Avertle LTTS used rule-based maintenance. Due to
the non-predictive nature of such an approach, the system faced
significant challenges like


Machine Failure

The routine scheduled maintenance enabled by the previous version failed to reveal/predict equipment errors that led to machine failures. Instances of minor machine errors snowballing into costly machine failures abounded. By ignoring minor equipment issues the traditional system let them pester into major failures that cost the business a great deal.


Unplanned Downtime

Failure to detect issues early on led to unplanned system downtime that affected revenue and reputation. This was the primary problem LTTS sought to solve by creating Avertle.


High Maintenance Costs

Scheduled maintenance resulted in routine costs even when maintenance was not required. For industrial systems, these routine acts of maintenance add up to significant costs and can cause a serious dent in profits.


Mismanaged Inventory

A lack of visibility or intelligent predictions meant that an extensive inventory of spare parts had to be maintained at all times. Sometimes these spare parts were used for maintenance and other times they lay unused on the shelves. Maintenance and inventory keeping also required dedicated human resources that transferred to additional costs.


Lack of Transparency

A less-than-ideal maintenance system also meant that failures couldn’t always be traced to their root causes. Sometimes this meant that the root causes continued to cause problems long after the maintenance activity was carried out. This resulted in a total lack of transparency on the maintenance solution, issues, and costs.


Increased Risk

The lack of visibility and improper maintenance of industrial systems posed significant risks to personnel, property, equipment, and environment.

The Solution

Cloudesign, in collaboration with LTTS, exploited cutting-edge data collection and analytics technologies to enable a pathbreaking IoT solution that solved the problem of industrial maintenance.

Avertle’s latest version collected extensive equipment data through edge computing. This data was then processed by an artificially intelligent back-end that functioned as the brains behind industrial maintenance.

Configuration Module
Monitoring Module

A Configuration Module that allowed the user to add and manage existing industrial machinery on the Avertle platform. This module supported the configuration of an exhaustive list of industrial assets like sensors, gateways, servers, and channels. Additional functionality of the platform like user groups, access levels, and events could also be configured through this module.


The many capabilities that Avertle added to


LTTS’ industrial maintenance skill set included


24*7 Monitoring

Avertle enabled continuous and constant monitoring of every equipment in the industrial setup. From routers and switches to servers and other custom equipment, Avertle could collect data from a diverse set of equipment, streamline it, and initiate the most appropriate course of action. By enabling 24*7 monitoring, Avertle ruled out the need for costly scheduled maintenance and ensured complete peace of mind.

Widget views

Avertle enabled continuous and constant monitoring of every equipment in the industrial setup. From routers and switches to servers and other custom equipment, Avertle could collect data from a diverse set of equipment, streamline it, and initiate the most appropriate course of action. By enabling 24*7 monitoring, Avertle ruled out the need for costly scheduled maintenance and ensured complete peace of mind.

Single card widget

This widget showcased in-detailed information about a particular industrial asset. This widget was quite effective in configuring and monitoring a critical piece of equipment. Single card views were dedicated to monitoring the most important equipment in an industrial setup

Asset view widget

This widget enabled a bird’s eye view of all the assets within the industrial set up. Asset view provided a snapshot of the overall health and status of industrial equipment, issues that needed to be addressed, and concerns that needed further investigation. Being such a handy widget, asset views became an essential component of every industrial dashboard.

Watch list widget

The watch list widget could be configured to monitor the most crucial industrial parameters at a glance. These critical parameters required immediate intervention when their threshold levels were breached. Thus a watchlist widget allowed industrial users to track the information they deemed most important.

Dial control widget

This widget provided analog capabilities to a digital setup. By linking equipment with the dial control widget, various industrial parameters could be controlled with a familiar dial-style user interface. Dial control widgets were heavily preferred over digital UX by industrial technicians.

Data warehousing

Avertle featured a MongoDB database to effortlessly store terabytes of information that was continuously generated from industrial maintenance. Superior standards were implemented at all levels of data handling like collection, processing, and retrieval. A collaboration of the best minds at LTTS and Cloudesign resulted in a custom database architecture that could efficiently handle an endless stream of information with remarkable efficiency.


System events

Avertle continuously monitored the system and highlighted any anomalies especially at the system level. This allowed reliable real-time monitoring of industrial equipment and ensured that any potential issues were highlighted and resolved at the earliest.

Root cause Identification

The extensive wealth of information collected through Avertle LTTS meant that any potential issues and their impact on the system was readily apparent. This enabled easy identification of the root cause of an issue, a task that was previously akin to finding a needle in a haystack. An extensive data set coupled with intelligent algorithms helped Avertle to always zero in on the root cause of error.


Insight Generation

Avertle was equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that rendered it far superior to its peers. Its AI & ML capabilities enabled it to find data patterns and generate unique insights specific to the system at hand. Since the insights generated were unique to the system in place, Avertle essentially fulfilled the role of a dedicated maintenance manager who knew the ins and outs of an industrial setup.

Predictive Maintenance

Avertle’s AI/ML capabilities also meant that it learnt from past mistakes and predicted future errors before they occurred. The system benefitted from a vast knowledge of industry-specific algorithms and data points that enabled it to predict future anomalies with astounding accuracy. By identifying loopholes in the system and applying preventive fixes, Avertle saved industrial clients thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.


Optimized Inventory

Another added benefit of predictive maintenance was that maintaining a large inventory of essential spare parts was no longer necessary. With Avertle flagging potential issues way before they led to failures and system breakdowns, the clients gained ample time to order spare parts and carry out necessary fixes. An optimized inventory meant that businesses saved thousands of dollars in revenue that used to be spent towards inventory management and warehouse keeping.

Alert configuration

Avertle could be configured to send customized alerts to the relevant stakeholders based on predefined triggers. This nifty piece of automation meant that critical events were highlighted to the right people at the right time to ensure a swift and seamless resolution. Avertle offered extensive configuration of messages including message content, frequency, priority level, and more.


Email server configuration

Another nifty feature that Avertle boasted was its ability to work with a wide range of email servers. Through a simple user interface, Avertle could be configured to work with a majority of email servers. Avertle thus plugged in effortlessly with in house email servers and delivered critical notifications instantaneously.


Extensive reporting capabilities were built into Avertle to improve overall transparency and reduce the time spent on documentation. Interactive charts and reports developed with the latest web technologies enabled ubiquitous access to the most important information anytime and anywhere. The reported module also resulted in significant savings of time and effort as most relevant reports could be accessed at the click of a button.


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