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SEM Marketing and PPC Servicesfor Targeted Digital Advertising and Maximum Returns on Investment

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Driven to offer affordable PPC packages for businesses of every scale and stature

We are an SEM Services company based in Mumbai and Bangalore, By leveraging our extensive expertise in digital marketing, we design SEM marketing and PPC services optimized for your budget and growth objectives.

Our expertise in complementary disciplines, like SEO and other digital marketing techniques, allows us to gain an accurate picture of your online marketing efforts and chart an SEM marketing strategy that maximizes your returns on investment. Dive into our range of SEM Marketing services or connect with us for a custom solution today

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SEM Services We Offer


Google Lead Services

With the lion's share of the Internet's search traffic, advertising on Google is at the top of every company's SEM bucket list. Our SEM professionals help you design advertising campaigns, pick from a wide variety of campaign formats, adapt the right ad format for your needs, and optimize it for optimum conversion. Our cross-functional team can assist you with a variety of ad formats like search ads, display ads, e-commerce ads, and local ads while optimizing each format according to multiple parameters like user intent, returns on investment, campaign goals, and more.

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Innovative PPC Marketing Services Stem from Insightful Digital Marketing

Integrated SEM Communications

Your search engine marketing efforts are only a subset of your overall marketing operations. Our SEM professionals look at the bigger picture of your marketing efforts and ensure your SEM marketing campaign aligns with the overall organizational goals. Work with true marketing professionals to streamline your digital communications and maximize the impact of the message you deliver.


Our SEM Process

1. Laying SEM foundations

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Understand business needs

Analyze the target audience

Market research

2. Formulating SEM strategy

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Identify ideal platforms

Plan SEM campaigns

Optimize costs

Obtain stakeholder buy-in

3. Running the SEM campaign

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Asset creation

Planning the campaign

Going live

Monitor and adjust strategy

4. Feedback and Refactoring

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Closing the campaign

Assessing campaign performance

Collecting feedback

Adjusting future strategy

Our SEM Strategy Toolkit

What our Customers Say

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As a growing company, finding top-notch" engineering talent at affordable rates is one of the biggest challenges. Cloudesign, a strategic partner to us, has provided us Angular, ReactJs, Laravel & UI Developers at short notice for a wide range of projects at Cactus Communications. They are quick to provide candidates, always very quick in communications, and overall keeping the process low friction.Cloudesign Engineers took control of our projects in a way that exceeded my expectations. we have been happy with the quality of the software engineers as well as thier management team.

Praveen Sharma

VP, Engineering, Cactus Communications

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