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StickmanCyber is a leading Australian Cybersecurity consulting company that provides Cyber Security-as-a-Service (CSaaS). Guided by the mission of creating a safer digital world, they provide security services including assessment, monitoring, threat detection, mitigation, and resolution. Their offering enables leading enterprises to focus on the core business and offload every cybersecurity concern to StickmanCyber for complete peace of mind. The firm helps enterprises to adhere to the highest cybersecurity standards to ensure enterprise security.

Additionally, the firm helps businesses obtain industry-best security certifications like






ISO 27001


ISO APRA 23427001



Business Requirement

StickmanCyber has a comprehensive CyberSecuirty-as-a-Service offering in place. By hiring StickanCyber, companies offload their security responsibilities to the firm and are free to focus on their core business.

The firm begins by conducting a security audit of the client’s business to identify loopholes. Based on the audit results, a comprehensive and custom-designed security plan is created and executed for the client.

Continuous security monitoring is carried out in real-time to detect vulnerabilities and the cycle continues on an ongoing basis.

As a technology-driven cybersecurity firm, StickmanCyber wanted to digitize and streamline this process while exploiting the latest technologies.


Some of the challenges the team hoped to resolve through digitization included


Lack of Organization

Carrying out extensive security auditing and reporting manually proved to be an overwhelming task. Despite the team’s best efforts, the process could not be streamlined manually. Managing multiple projects for organizations further complicated this process. The results were chaotic and disorganized.


Reduced Visibility

Tracking the status of every security audit manually was nearly impossible. This resulted in reduced visibility to leadership. Management also had a tough time planning future projects and strategies due to the lack of visibility.


Inefficient Reporting

Capturing the audit results manually and reporting them to the clients was cumbersome. Manual reporting also resulted in errors and inefficiencies that were hard to track and cost time and money.


Difficulty in Adhering to Standards

Due to manual errors and slipups in conducting security audits, conforming to and obtaining security certifications became difficult. Manual errors that were difficult to detect delayed the process of securing safety certifications.


Process Delays

Extensive documentation and reporting requirements interfered with day-to-day business activities. This resulted in process delays that hampered the overall client experience.


Lost Opportunities

An inefficient manual process caused a substandard client experience. This resulted in lost opportunities with clients and reduced ROI.

Team Cloudesign endeavored to thoroughly understand the needs of StickmanCyber and deliver a digital platform that can meet its current and future needs. 

After conducting extensive user interviews with the leadership, cybersecurity experts, and project managers, the team captured user expectations. These were translated into user stories with clearly defined acceptance criteria.

A Figjam prototype was developed to gather user interface feedback from the StickmanCyber team. An intuitive enterprise-grade user interface was designed and development was kickstarted accordingly.

The Resulting Digital Platform Boasted Comprehensive Features like

End-to-end Digital Transformation

The entire cyber security process was captured digitally with streamlined user workflows. From kickstarting a security audit to capturing audit results and sharing them, the new platform digitized every little task and completely transformed cybersecurity operations at StickmanCyber.


User Onboarding Module

New clients could be quickly and securely onboarded onto the digital platform. With foolproof authentication and secure HTTP access in place, StickmanCyber could now seamlessly onboard its clients with little to no effort.

Project Onboarding Module

Clients could add and manage multiple projects within the digital cybersecurity platform. Users could monitor multiple projects, check their security level, access audit reports, and more through convenient project management dashboards.


Assessment and Reporting Workflows

Guided workflows empowered the team to carry out security assessments digitally while minimizing errors and ensuring 100% compliance. The platform featured built-in workflows for assessments like ISO, NIST, and PCI-DSS. Reporting workflows that enabled seamless documentation for clients were just the icing on the cake.

Dashboard Views

Intuitive and informative dashboards enhanced overall visibility and allowed the team to keep track of the status of audits and the progress being made. These dashboards enabled clients to view the audit status for assessments like ISO, NIST, PT, and PCI. Security managers could simplify their work and make better auditing plans thanks to these dashboards.


Workflow Automation

The critical workflows were automated in order to ensure a speedy and perfect execution. Thanks to automation, cybersecurity experts were able to confidently execute critical workflows without worrying about missing a test.

Penetration Testing Modules

Penetration testing modules allowed cybersecurity experts to continuously monitor the security of a system. These dashboards highlighted vulnerabilities, categorized them, and helped initiate the appropriate course of action in real time.


And More

Other comprehensive modules built into the digital platform helped StickmanCyber manage clients, keep track of projects, plan resource sharing, and manage user profiles. In short, digitization enabled StickmanCyber to track and execute every aspect of the cybersecurity process.

Business Benefits

Digitizing end-to-end bestowed significant business benefits on StickmanCyber like


Reduced Operational Fatigue

through an enhanced user experience


100% Process Compliance

through automated workflows


40% Reduction in Processing Time

through a streamlined digital process


Faster Customer Onboarding


Enhanced Client Experience

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